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Brief Filed in U.S. v. Hodari D. (Supreme Court)
Horowitz' appellate has resulted in major changes in the areas of jury misconduct and death penalty funding. 
Recent Criminal Cases

Chiropractic Fraud Not Guilty

Murder & Conspiracy
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Mel Gibson Convicted due to Horowitz
Actor Mel Gibson tried to have former girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva arrested for extortion.  He failed.  Instead, Horowitz got Gibson arrested for physical abuse and he was ultimately convicted.
Certified by California as a

Photo of Horowitz in trial

If you had a sore throat would you go to a foot doctor ? 

Daniel Horowitz earned the specialist designation over 20 years ago

To legally advertise as a criminal defense specialist, the defense lawyer must pass a written test and undergo extensive peer review by other defense attorneys, judges and prosecutors.  If you had a serious medical condition wouldn't you seek the services of a specialist?  The same is true in criminal defense.  A criminal defense attorney who is a general practitioner will rarely have the expertise to provide you with the best defense. 

NEW 9/29/2013 Contra Costa Times Article on Horowitz' defense in People v. Coby Phillips     (READ ARTICLE)


A key question to ask any defense lawyer is this:

"How many jury trials have you completed ?" 

The next question is "How many of those trials have lasted more than a month ?"   Extensive trial experience is the hallmark of a top criminal defense lawyer.  The San Francisco Bay area is rich in highly qualified criminal defense attorneys with trial experience. Daniel Horowitz is fortunate to have 30 years experience in these trial courts and he has completed 200 + jury trials.  Many of these jury trials were complex and lengthy. 

As a certified criminal defense specialist, Horowitz has successfully defended clients in Los Angeles, Walnut Creek, Oakland, Hayward, Fremont, Sacramento, San Jose and in courts throughout the United States.  The extensive geographic coverage of the office reflects the desire of sophisticated clients who want the most experienced attorney defend them.

Horowitz' work has taken him to courts in Israel, Cyprus, The Netherlands and to Turkey, Ukraine, China and Canada.  In all these countries, Horowitz participated in contested court hearings.  IF YOUR LIFE IS ON THE LINE, the criminal defense experience of our lawyer can be the difference between freedom and prison.

 Read article on case dismissal in a 3 month chiropractic fraud / MUA case. 

(Also, many criminal defense attorneys have experience in short, 3-4 day trials.  Daniel Horowitz has many trials that lasted weeks and months.)

Is your attorney a State of California certified criminal defense specialist?   If he/she is not, WHY NOT?  If you had a heart condition would you see a heart specialist?  A criminal defense attorney who is certified as a specialist has been required to take a rigorous written examination and go through extensive peer review.  The peer review is by other criminal defense attorneys and judges.

If you are facing criminal charges, why would you go to a general practitioner when you can hire a state certified criminal defense specialist.
View State Bar site showing Horowitz' Criminal Law Specialization

Daniel Horowitz has very rare (and in the right case, invaluable),  experience in the international arena.  He has appeared in contested court proceedings in Turkey, Cyprus, Ukraine, China, Israel, The Netherlands and Canada.   The office has an attorney (Oksana Tyskova) who is fluent in both Russian and Ukrainian. 

White collar crime and international cases require an attorney who can deal with foreign governments, foreign evidence and foreign witnesses.  Horowitz has worked on money laundering, financial frauds, smuggling and other cases requiring extensive international work.

Rare among lawyers practicing criminal law, Daniel Horowitz has a depth of business experience.  Horowitz started and ran a retail company.  In the late 1980's he owned and ran a real estate company.  He is the attorney for a large New York investment firm. 

Daniel was a very early adopter of computers in the practice of law.  For those of you who remember, Horowitz owned an Osborne, a "Gnat" and a CPM based computer the size of a children's desk. (It had about 8 boards in it and used 8" disks and broke every month.) He worked a software booth (just as a fill in!) at NAB and in 1983 he was (arguably) the first attorney in the country, to bring a computer into the courtroom for use during a hearing.  See DTSearch article about Horowitz Training Attorneys in Advanced Search Techniques

Horowitz has also trained other attorneys in database management, large case document management, the use of DTSearch, Casemap and document management software.  He was on the United States District Court committee that helped set up the electronic discovery protocol for criminal cases in the Northern District of California.   Horowitz was a pioneer in getting MP3 players to inmates in the federal jails so that they could review legal materials.  He was also a pioneer in obtaining permission for attorneys to bring computers to jails during visits with clients.  He has worked the Informix Software booth at CES in Las Vegas and regularly trains other attorneys in the complexities of large case document management.

The combined areas of excellence for Daniel Horowitz, Laureen Bethards & Oksana Tsykova include:

Insurance Fraud
Fraudulent Claims
Challenges to the Board of Chiropractic Examiners
Legal Commentator
Lectures & Speaking Engagements
Federal crimes
Serious Felonies
Drug Charges
Family Law Contempts
White Collar Criminal Defense
Medical Defense
Physician Fraud Defense
Chiropractic Fraud
Billing Frauds
Juvenile Crime
Self Defense
Mental State Defenses
Business Crimes
Money Laundering
DUI Trials
Appellate Work
News article link to attempted murder convcition reversed
Coby Phillips Conviction Reversed
Nick Prugo (Bling Ring Case)
Nick Prugo (Bling Ring Case)
The Bling Ring
case is an example of a high profile criminal case where criminal defense lawyer, Daniel Horowitz and attorney Markus Dombois took over a case from an attorney who sadly had been disbarred.  T
he client had few options.

The Mary Jo Sales book (Buy the Ebook here) extensively cites the  work of Horowitz and Dombois in highly favorable terms.
Scott Dyleski