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And Daniel Horowitz is often confused with "DAVID HOROWITZ"

Caramagno Sues Pittsburg PD

Lafayette Lawyer Carmela Caramagno was just named a CRIMINAL DEFENSE SPECIALIST by the State of California.  Ms. Caramagno is an attorney with an independent criminal defense practice.
Photo of Horowitz with the headline Horowitz a perfect fit as celebrity lawyer, click photo for link to article by Demian Bulwa of the San Francisco Chronicle
Daniel Horowitz Profiled in the SF Chronicle
A difficult case described in the book, the Lives of Danielle Steele.  It is a case I wish I had not filed.

Document Library

DocumentExamination of witness by Daniel Horowitz in Vehicular Manslaughter caseDaniel Horowitz examines a favorable witness on direct, prosecutor Angela Backers does an excellent job on cross examination
DocumentMichael Savage SLAPP Motion Against Art BellFiled by Carolyn Passen, Floyd Mandell and Daniel Horowitz, this motion challenged the slander lawsuit filed by radio host Art Bell against radio star Michael Savage, host of the Savage Nation
DocumentCCA (California Chiropractic Association) Publishes article by Daniel HorowitzDaniel Horowitz addresses the growing attack on chiropractic by both insurance companies and the government
DocumentNews Article - Daniel Horowitz' work against actor Mel Gibson leads to his arrestActor Mel Gibson had seemingly unlimited money to fight the filing of criminal charges when he struck his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. Horowitz efforts led to criminal charges being filed against Mel Gibson
DocumentCross Examination of Medical ExpertDaniel Horowitz takes apart a medical expert by exposing the lack of Factual Support for his opinions
DocumentDeposition in Pavel Lazarenko case in United States District CourtWitness examination in Ukraine by Daniel A. Horowitz of witness in the Pavel Lazarenko case
Daniel Horowitz Defends Oksana Grigorieva in her Battle against Actor/Producer, Mel Gibson   WATCH VIDEO
Link to TMZ which then has another link to daniel horowitz on the today show regarding his client oksana grigorieva
Watch Horowitz on the Today Show
 Barry Bonds 700 Home Run baseball article where horowitz represents the person who got the ball and was then sued
Horowitz Fights for Rights to Barry Bonds 700 Home Run baseball
Horowitz Represents Terry McMillan article with head shot photo of the author
Horowitz Represents Terry McMillan
horowitz and oksana grigorieva photo linking to article on representation against actor mel gibson
Horowitz against Actor Mel Gibson in Grigorieva Case
Picture of Melissa Ho with link to News Story Melissa Ho of Fremont this is a vehicular manslaughter case
News Story Melissa Ho of Fremont, Manslaughter trial
Picture of Pavel Lazarenko and Horowitz outisde District Court in san francisco links to new York times article
New York Times quotes Horowitz on Lazarenko case