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"If you had throat cancer would you visit a podiatrist?"

Horowitz is certified by the State of California
as a
Criminal Defense Specialist.

A general criminal defense practitioner will general refer a medical case to our office and we welcome such referrals.

Daniel's criminal defense specialist certification is issued by the State of California, and only a few hundred lawyers statewide have that certification.

When you livelihood is in jeopardy, shouldn't you hire a State Certified Criminal Defense Specialist?


Accusations before the Medical Board are often the first step in a process that leads to a criminal charge.

There are also warning signs that you might face charges.  Here are a few.

Your medical license, your reputation, your economic well being and your freedom are at stake when:

1. The insurance companies target you.

2. A state law enforcement agency investigates you.

3. A competitor or patient targets you.

In these situations you need a specialist who practices in your precise area of need.  You need a specialist with a proven track record of success.

A word about delay.  When physicians delay seeking assistance, we feel the same way you do when your patients ignore classic symptoms and "hope" it will "go away".

Enough said on that ......

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dr wil origel smiling after Victory Against False Criminal Charges
Victory Against False Criminal Charges
There's going to be people out there who say, 'He got off because he had a great attorney,' " Origel said. "And I did. It took this attorney to bring out the truth."

(Dr. Wil Origel to the Stockton Record following the dismissal of all charges against him. Later charges against four other chiropractors were also dismissed !  Origel and the others then sued the insurance company behind the charges.)

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As In Medicine
There are Specialists in Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorney, Daniel Horowitz is Certified by the State of California as a SPECIALIST in Criminal Law.  His defense of  medical professionals includes medical board and chiropractic board defense, defense of medical fraud charges including billing fraud, alleged overtreatment, misdiagnosis, preplanned treatment protocols, and corporate structure abuse.  Horowitz has successfully defended medical doctors and chiropractors in the criminal courts, in civil lawsuits and before the various state boards. 

Contact our office before your name is plastered in the press along with the words "FRAUD ARREST !" 

Don't think it won't happen.  IF YOU SEE THE RED FLAGS, it is already happening.  The only question is whether you will respond early or after they have devastated you and your practice.  Some investigations have lasted YEARS before the Friday evening or Saturday morning knock on the door. (They arrest over the weekend so you have to spend more time in jail and have trouble locating a good attorney.)

If you think that the investigators are targeting "bad apples" and that the doctors who are arrested "must be guilty of something", rethink that assumption. 

The word "fraud" tied to the name of a prominent person are publicity tools used by insurance companies to control costs.  Certainly there are "bad apples" but the medical fraud units (SIU) of insurance companies often fail to distinguish between physicians and chiropractors who trigger a computer red flag from those who dishonor the profession(s). 

Even Honest Medical Professionals Can Be Targeted

Criminal charges can be brought even though you believe
you are following standard billing protocols and mainstream treatment practices

Most professionals have a sense that "there is something wrong" before charges are brought.  Bill paying by insurance carriers may slow down.  Depositions in ordinary injury or accident cases focuses on your practice rather than the condition of the patient.  Strange patients show up without being having been referred by any local practitioner.  When you sense a problem, deal with it by calling an experienced defense attorney.  Waiting is rarely the right choice.

Physician fraud defense (and chiropractor fraud defense) often focuses on fraud issues.  Insurance companies have their own crime specialists who use prior law enforcement experience to take normal billing disputes and escalate them to involve criminal investigations.  This is a damaging and cynical approach to financial disagreements but increasingly, honest medical professionals are being investigated criminally due to this approach by the insurance industry.

Main Areas Where Medical Professionals Are Under Attack

California has a state commission which funds state prosecutor offices for the purpose of pursuing insurance fraud.  (See Website for the California Fraud Assessment Commission)  This is an industry led commission and it is instrumental in determining what type of cases are the focus of criminal investigation.


SCIF is a permanent member of the commission so you know that Workers Compensation fraud is a major focus.  More generally, the main areas where medical providers are subject to criminal charges are the areas of medical billing fraud, medical fraud involving treatment choices, medicare billing fraud, medicare fraud in terms of over treatment, insurance billing fraud including disputes over how to classify treatments (especially for dermatologists and chiropractors).

If you are being investigated by the Medical Board, law enforcement, the Dept. of Insurance or the Insurance Industry, you need to consult a state certified criminal defense specialist who has extensive experience fighting medical fraud, billing fraud and similar medical cases. 

A Record of Successful Representation

Horowitz has a tremendous record of success defending physicians and chiropractors against criminal charges arising out of their medical practices.  This success includes trial success, dismissals on motion and negotiated settlements without criminal charges.  One reason that we have such a great record of success is that our clients are truly dedicated medical professionals who deserve the dismissals and acquittals (and other excellent results) that we achieve.  You can trust our office to treat you with respect and with great concern for the threat to the professional position that you worked so hard to achieve.